Issue 5

Winter 2019

After the Battle.” Photographs by Fabrice Poussin.


Palmdale by Sara Patterson

stillcoast by Nicholas Molbert

Unhitched by Marlene Olin


Three poems by Holly Iglesias

The Heart The Brain by Krys Malcolm Belc

Three poems by Emperatriz Ung

Two Poems by Marlin M. Jenkins

Three Poems by Robbie Q. Telfer

The Hurricanes Explain Their Aesthetic by Nicholas Molbert

How Embers and Apples are a Recipe for Disaster by Allie Marini

Two Poems by Lip Manegio

Three Poems by Peter Mason


Three Shorts by Chase Burke

The Real-Life Captain Mageds by Hasheemah Afaneh

Driving West into Gary on U.S. Highway 12/20 by Ellen A. Orner


The Speaker Disrupts: A Review of JosĂ© Olivarez’s Citizen Illegal by Maria Esquinca