Two Translations of Dana Ranga


Das Meer ist leer; füllt es auf mit Tränen. Füllt es auf mit Regenrauschen, füllt es auf mit Blau und Trost; Wellenlaut wiegt sich, zerbricht.

Die Welt: Bauch, Buch. Zur Vergewisserung: lasst sie schweigen, sprechen, früh, frei, versprochen, verhört, Freisprache, seetief

Mariana Trench

The ocean is empty; fill it with tears. Fill it with the roaring of rain, fill it up with blue and comfort; wave-sound rocks itself and breaks.

The world: belly, book. To make sure: let her be silent, speak, early, free, pledged, interrogated, acquittal, ocean-deep

Monika Cassel was raised bilingual in the United States and Germany. As Chair of Creative Writing and Literature at New Mexico School for the Arts in Santa Fe, she developed a high school creative writing program with the support of the Lannan Foundation. Her poetry chapbook, Grammar of Passage, won the Venture Award and is forthcoming from flipped eye publishing. Her poems have appeared in The Laurel Review and Phoebe Journal, and her translations have appeared in POETRY MagazineGuernicaAsymptoteHarvard Review Online, and others. In 2016 she was a Travel Fellow to the American Literary Translators Association Conference and she is currently a Poetry Fellow at the Attic Institute’s Atheneum Program. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Dana Ranga was born in 1964 in Bucharest. In 1987 she emigrated to Germany, where she studied semiotics, film studies, and art history at the Free University of Berlin. Her first book of poetry, Stop (2005), was written in Romanian. Ranga is the director of several award-winning documentaries, including East Side Story (1997) and I Am in Space (2012). Her first book of poems written in German, Wasserbuch, was published by Suhrkamp Verlag in 2011 and received the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize, an award for authors whose mother tongue is not German, in 2014. A second book of German poetry, Hauthaus, was published in 2016. Several of Ranga’s Romanian poems have been published in English translation; her work has also appeared in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, and Moldova.